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Chapter Library


  1. Contact the librarian to borrow any materials.
  2. Materials will be loaned for a three-month period, to chapter members only.
  3. Loans can be extended for an additional three months, for a total of six months at a time, as long as no one else is waiting for the materials.
  4. A “waiting list” will be kept by the librarian for materials already on loan.
  5. The PTG member that wishes to check out any materials bears the cost of shipment.
  6. The PTG member also bears the cost of any damaged or destroyed materials.
  7. Materials can be checked out at any PTG meeting; otherwise the items will be mailed, unless other arrangements are made
Books & Videos
Title Author Checked Out
A Guide to Restringing by John W Travis
But You Can Feel It by Emil B. Fries
Country Piano Tuner by Howard N. Chase
Hide Glue - Historical and Practical Applications by Stephen A. Shepherd  
Miracle in a box — a piano reborn Narrated by John Lithgow - (DVD)
My Life with the Great Pianists by Franz Mohr
PACE Lessons - Grand Regulation 20-35 by The Piano Technicians Guild
PACE Lessons - Repair 1-7 by The Piano Technicians Guild
PACE Lessons - Vertical Regulation 8-19 by The Piano Technicians Guild
Pianos and their Makers by Alfred Dolge
Pianos Inside Out by Mario Igrec  
So You Want A Piano by Paul D. Lynn, RPT
Steinway Regulation by F.R. Dietz
Temperament by Stuart Isacoff
The Art of Wood Finishing by H. Behlen & Bro., Inc.
The Beginner’s Workshop by Ian Bradley
The Educated Piano by E.J. McMorrow, R.T.T.
The Equal-Beating Temperaments by Owen Jorgensen
The Making of a Kawai Grand Piano by Kawai (video)
The Official Guide to Steinway Pianos by Roy F. Kehl and David R. Kirkland  
The Technical Exam Source Book by The Piano Technicians Guild
The Tuning Examination Source Book by The Piano Technicians Guild
The Voice of the Piano by Andre Ooerbeek
Under the Lid by Steve Brady
World-Wide Technical Reference Guide by Steinway (CD Rom)
Yamaha 37 Step Video by Yamaha (video)